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Sarah Phua

The project which I presented at ISSF 2016 was:

An investigation of the factors that affect the electrolysis of brine and calcium carbonate

Here is a brief overview of the project:

Using the method of applying low voltage through brine, dissolved minerals (calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide) in saltwater can accumulate as white limestone on the Biorock frame (cathode). This will allow coral larvae to attach to it and grow. There are many different factors, including the temperature of the seawater and the material of the anode that affects the deposition of calcium carbonate. The aim of the experiment is to find out which material of anode and temperature of brine affect rate of electrolysis.

This project was done by Lisantra, Varsha, Donovan and Sarah (me) in 2015.

This was a picture taken during the poster presentation session.

These are a few pictures of me explaining my project to the ISSF participants.

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